Wednesday, 30 November 2016


I got 2nd place in discs witch is the first placing that I've ever gotin at any athletics so that was pretty cool. The relays were close even though I wasn't in them.But hey at lest my dad came to see me win.
Here is Mr Mathews sprinting down the finishing lane to win for the teachers in the 4th relay
 and here is the eating and resting tent that kea had to shear with kakapo

Book week term 4

 This year at book week I went as James bond ( 007 ). In the book quiz my group didn't win sadly. :(  
It was funny when nana and granddad came because they had so much food they had to share most of it with the class so none went hungry that day witch was good

             Here's josh Wilson rocking the harry potter costume with me in the back round and the joker.
                               Here's our class photo with James bond in the right hand corner  (me)
   and here's cat merry weather reading kuiws huhu hunt ( she's the author and illustrator of that book)

Snow camp term 3

This term we went to snow camp I did snow boarding it was a amazing experience even though I got stuck. The sleep hut was a bit to cozy for comfort but I guess it better than nothing ( I'm happy that I was not with a girl that would of been weird if you know what I mean )   #best camp ever :)